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Switch tower Tunnel entrance

2.1. My layout

       stand baan 01-2009

    2.1.1. Construction :

The concept of the layout is segmented : it consists for the moment of 4 units, each  80 cm of width and 150 cm of length. The layout height can be varied by using two sets of legs : one set that puts the height of the track at 80 cm and another one which gives a trackheight of 150cm. 

The units are made of  plywood boards (10mm thick and 20 cm of height). On the inside, there  is a framework of smaller strips (2cm x 3cm) on which  we put the insulation boards  (thickness 4 cm).
The units are connected with each other by means of bolts and pins  for a correct alignment.The legs are adjustable in height for about 2 cm and are removable..

Tracks are used from  Hübner (now Märklin) .
They are being airbrushed in advance and shottered with self made ballast (grains about  2mm). Broken prophyric rocks (0 - 4mm) are the baseproduct for making the ballast. The sieving is done with several sieves with different mesh size (incl self-made sieves) The ballast is glued with normal diluted white glue to wich are added some drops of detergent.

Each rails has his own feeder wire of min 0.5mm². One must also pay attention to the fact that when rails are cut between two units, each piece of rail has a power supply . These wires are soldered to a bus wire (2.5mm²).

The units are electricalyy connected by wires who are ending in clamps. Those clamps are glued to a little wooden piece, so they are stronger

The switches are motorised with Hübner switch motors. These motors have a power switch-off. at the end of course  They are commanded by dip switches who make it possible to see in which way the switch stands.

Regarding the power supply, there are 3 separate circuits : one for the track power supply (2.5mm²), another one for activating the signals and the last one for all the lamps and lights on the layout.  
The signals are from Saalbach and they are motorised with Bühler motors. It is possible to let the signals change slowly (is more realistic) by reducing the current to the Bühler motor.


Short overvieuw since I started with gauge 1 :  Evolution (photo's)

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Switch tower Tunnel entrance