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Welcome to everyone who is interested in modeltrains.This site concerns gauge 1, scale  1/32 and  a railroadgauge of  45mm.

I want to deny the myth that says that one needs to have a lot of space in order to create a layout and play with gauge 1.The most important thing is, I think, the fact that the image our eyes make, should be a filled image. When you have a HO layout , you need a train consisting of 8 passenger cars or 40 boxcars in order to create that filled image. In gauge 1, one locomotive and 1 or 2 small cars is enough. So your layout should not necessarily be any larger than a HO one.

Going to a club gives you the opportunity to meet other persons who are interested in trains. An exchange of ideas can help you  with your own layout or with  someone else his layout . This year, the club of Leuven, LMTC , is having  her  25th anniversary.  Since 2008 we also have a smal gauge 1 layout.

NEW :  BR91  from beginnersset with small improvements br91

br65018 165018 2Baan

Märklin Umbau passenger cars form startset : These are a few among other things that can be improved :
umbauwagen 1umbauwagen 2
Artline 999xf silver metallic ink 0.8mm to paint the brown borders metallic grey.

orig ramenzilvergrijs

    Original windows                                                                                3 windows painted

Further things to be done are  : - new brass steps
                                                - new wheelsets from Nolte (see
                                                - other doorknobs
                                                - interior improvements and weathering of the outside

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    Répertoire ferroviairerepertoire ferroviaire
Update :

Signal tower
More info : Switch tower

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The method of construction  I describe here is only the one I use and is cetainly far from perfect and can be improved.

resp editor : Jean-Luc Declerck

last update 27.10.2009

I'm trying to translate the site as quickly as possible, please excuse me for any errors; suggestions and corrections are always welcome.

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